Birthday letter to my six year old

My little bean, My, how you’ve grown.  You’ve changed, you’ve developed, you’ve experienced hardship, and change.  But the world hasn’t tainted you.  I marvel at how pure you are.  You’re six, and you’re still pure.  That’s not something to take lightly these days.   You are smart and thoughtful and quick witted, and you remember every… Continue reading Birthday letter to my six year old


“Have courage and be kind”

Last week, I turned 32 years old.  And we celebrated nine years of marriage (Never a good idea to get married on your birthday – or on April Fools Day).  My dad called me the night before my birthday and was reflecting with me on my turning another year older.  We talked about how I’m… Continue reading “Have courage and be kind”

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Remedies for a bad day

It is a really good thing that we live in Colorado – where the sun shines the majority of the time.  This past week, during the “Polar Vortex” there were two ENTIRE days in a row where the sun did not shine.  Not even once.  But seriously, it felt like I was suffocating and like… Continue reading Remedies for a bad day

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Birthday letter to my five year old

On Wednesday, you turned five years old.  FIVE YEARS OLD.  I’ve not been a mother who gets super sad about you growing and changing.  I love your growth and developments.  But this birthday was a big one for me.  You’re a kid now…nowhere near a toddler, definitely no longer a baby – you’re my big… Continue reading Birthday letter to my five year old

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What Nature Communicates

There are few that hold that the natural world is not beautiful and majestic.  Snow-capped mountains, idyllic seashores, ancient forests–the enchantment these hold for humans can be said to be almost bewitching. (And who knows, perhaps those who engage in endless expeditions, or those who can’t pull their minds away from the ocean’s breakers, or… Continue reading What Nature Communicates

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There will never be another like her…

Four weeks ago, we lost this sweetest pup of ours.  Some people who knew our Korah might not describe her as “the sweetest” but to us, she was the most gentle, kind, loving, protective, devoted, sweetest spirit.  And people who saw her with us, knew that she was something extra special. Less than a week… Continue reading There will never be another like her…

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on being a woman

Some days, I am on top of the world – feeling as though life is idyllic and I simply couldn’t ask for anything more.  Other days, I find myself feeling lonely and longing for friendships like those that I had in college,  and like I’m not sure that I remember what it’s like to do… Continue reading on being a woman